Breynia androgyna
[Sweet Leaf Bush, Star Gooseberry, Katuk]
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Close-up view:

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The seeds:

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It is very easy to propagate this plant; simply cut a piece of stem and stick it into the soil.

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The leaves harvested from the plants that I grew along my corridor area.

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Plant Notes

| Last updated: April 2023 |

The change of the accepted botanical name of this plant from Sauropus androgynus to Breynia androgyna should be prompted by a publication in 2014 [1]. When I did a search using both names in PubMed in April 2023, there were 60 publications where Sauropus androgynus was mentioned with the latest one published in 2023. But, only one publication mentioned Breynia androgyna and it was published in 2022. It seems that the current accepted botanical name was still not widely used yet.

While this plant is a popular leafy vegetable, it can cause very serious lung disease if eaten raw as outlined in the Singapore Food Agency and Hong Kong's Centre for Food Safety websites. Two outbreaks of pulmonary dysfunction were reported in Taiwan [2-4] and Japan [] in 1995 and 2005 respectively after consumption of excessive quantity of this plant [6].


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