Plant Family: Acanthaceae
Botanical Name
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Note on plant names:

A genetic study published in 2004 [1] on the classification of the Strobilanthinae group where the genera Strobilanthes and Hemigraphis belong, proposed a single expanded genus Strobilanthes instead of the current few genera. This proposal appeared to have been adopted in the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) website. Hence, I had updated all Hemigraphis species in my website to the corresponding Strobilanthes species names based on that from the GBIF website as of May 2020.


[1] Moylan EC, Bennett JR, Carine MA, Olmstead RG, Scotland RW. Phylogenetic relationships among Strobilanthes s.l. (Acanthaceae): evidence from ITS nrDNA, trnL-F cpDNA, and morphology. Am J Bot 2004;91(5):724-35. | Read article |