Plant Family: Phyllanthaceae
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Plant Notes

| Last updated: April 2023 |

This family had undergone many revisions in term of its membership and names of its members. The latest update was published in 2022 [1]. Based on this revision, the tribe Phyllantheae will now consist of 18 genera. Within the 18 genera, 3 of them (namely Sauropus, Synostemon and Breynia) were already being sorted out in a 2014 article [2].

Based on the updated classification, Phyllanthus urinaria, Phyllanthus debilis and Phyllanthus amarus are now basionyms of Emblica urinaria, Moeroris debilis and Moeroris amara respectively. However, I have not made the switch of the names yet in my website since the revision of the names were not reflected in the Plants of the World Online website.

Thirty-six tree species from 6 Phyllanthaceae genera (namely Antidesma, Aporosa, Baccaurea, Breynia, Bridelia and Glochidion) were recorded from the Nee Soon Swamp Forest catchment in Singapore [3].


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