Ceroplastes sp.
[Wax Scale]
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Classification: | Phylum: Arthropoda | Class: Insecta | Order: Hemiptera | Family: Coccidae | Genus: Ceroplastes |

The host plant of the wax scale above was Dog Fennel (Eupatorium capillifolium). It may be Red Wax Scale (Ceroplastes rubens) which had been reported to be affiliated with some mangrove trees, Avicennia alba, Talipariti tiliaceum and Avicennia rumphiana [1].


[1] Murphy DH. The natural history of insect herbivory on mangrove trees in and near Singapore. Raffles Bull Zoology 1990;38(2):119-203. | Read article |

The host plant of the white wax scales below was Common Chinese Mistletoe (Macrosolen cochinchinensis) .

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