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Order: Araneae
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Araneidae (Orb-weaver Spider)
Corinnidae (Corinnid Sac Spider)
Hersiliidae (Two-tailed Spider)
Lycosidae (Wolf Spider)
Mimetidae (Pirate Spider)
Nephilidae (Orb-weaver Spider)
Oecobiidae (Wall Spider)
Oxyopidae (Lynx Spider)
Pholcidae (Daddy Long-legs Spider)
Salticidae (Jumping Spider)
Sparassidae (Huntsman Spider)
Tetragnathidae (Long Jawed Spider)
Theraphosidae (Hairy Mygalomorph Spider)
Theridiidae (Tangle-web, Cobweb & Comb-footed Spider)
Thomisidae (Crab Spider)
Uloboridae (Feather-legged Spider)
Zodariidae (Ground Spider)
Spiderlings (Baby Spiders)

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