The Minibeast Observatory
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This section displays the pictures of minibeasts, the small or tiny creatures, seen in Singapore. As this small urban nation has relatively few forested areas, large wild animals that still roam around in the wild are rare, consisting of mainly monkeys, wild boars and reptiles. Fortunately, we still have quite a good range of tiny creatures in the wild, something that I discover when I started to organize the pictures of these creatures in this website. Taking pictures of moving tiny creatures is already a huge challenge, identifying them is even more difficult due to my limited knowledge on this subject and the lack of good pictorial references in Singapore in majority of the groups except for the butterflies. The identification done in my pictorial collection is based on whatever information that I can get my hands on and my own deduction. Please write to me if you would like me to correct any information.

More sets of these small creatures will be added gradually, as and when the sets are ready, and will be based on my way of grouping them. Enjoy!

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