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22 January 2017 | Online Biodiversity Pictorial Databases in Singapore |

photo photo Last month, I received an email on BIOME workshops. I had almost forgotten about BIOME which I had registered as a user some years ago. BIOME stands for Biodiversity and Environment Database System. NParks had revamp this website recently with the addition of a phone apps to upload photos to the site. BIOME is one of the two national biodiversity databases set up in 2011 that "serves as a single repository of biodiversity (flora and fauna, plants and animals information of Singapore) and environment related data .....”. The other national biodiversity database is the all-time popular Flora & Fauna Web “created to cater to the growing horticultural interest and wildlife awareness in Singapore”.

BIOME's format reminded me of a global biodiversity database that is also citizen science-based ---- Project Noah. So far, it was the best platform in this league (i.e. citizen science-based) that I had seen. Project Noah, according to its home page is "a tool to explore and document wildlife and a platform to harness the power of citizen scientists everywhere”. I signed up an account in 2011 but was not very active since then; posted only 29 sightings and the last one on back in 2015.

photo photo Besides BIOME and Flora & Fauna Web, there were 2 more biodiversity databases, namely Digital Nature Archive (DNA) of Singapore and Animals & Plants of Singapore (APS). The DNA of Singapore was launched in July 2012 by the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, now known as Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum. The second one, Animals & Plants of Singapore, was started in February 2015 by Dr Yuchen from the National University of Singapore. Apparently, this later website “evolved from and incorporates the information from the museum's earlier website, Digital Nature Archive”.

These days, there is no lack of information for nature enthusiasts keen to know and learn about what is out there in the wild side of Singapore, compared to the days when I started my website about 10 years back. Since I am already sharing my sightings in my website, I am unlikely to post anything in BIOME for now.

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