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19 May 2019 | Wasps in the Park | Lesser Paper Wasp | Scoliid Wasp |

Wasps are rarely seen in large numbers unless around their nests. Recently, I had seen a congregation of 2 wasps, Lesser Paper Wasp (Parapolybia varia) and Scoliid Wasp (Campsomeris species). The former were attempting to construct a nest while the later were a spontaneous gathering on flowers of a shrub.

The first time that I came across the group of Lesser Paper Wasp (actually only 2 of them) was on 23 March. Both of them were working toward constructing a nest at the underside of a leaf from the Wild Cinnamon (Cinnamomum iners). The number of wasps increase to 4 in my next visit on 6 April and progress was seen with the nest building. Unfortunately, the nest disappeared on 20 April but 3 wasps were still at the same location under the leaf. A week later on 28 April, things seemed to be move forward again. The nest was still intact in my last visit on 12 May. After observing 3 nests of this wasp so far, including this one, I was quite certain that this wasp construct its nest only on Wild Cinnamon tree. I will try to continue my visits to monitor the nest-building activity.

photo photo photo photo

The second wasp was a more common Scoliid Wasp (Campsomeris species). A group of at least 8 of them were visiting a flowering Bandicoot Berry (Leea indica) shrub. They were very active, moving from one flower to another, only staying still for a few seconds. This wasp looked like a bee and might sometimes be confused as such. It is known to parasite beetle larvae.

photo photo photo

While searching for information on bees and wasps over the last few weeks, I had resolved the identity of a previously unknown wasp --- Polistes tenebris. This wasp was last seen in 2011 and it was very rare.

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