Scleromitrion diffusum
[Snake-needle Grass, Bai Hua She She Cao]
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Plant Notes

| Last updated: January 2023 |

In the Plants of the World Online website, the accepted botanical name of this plant is Scleromitrion diffusum while both Oldenlandia diffusa and Hedyotis diffusa are treated as synonyms. In the 2019 Flora of Singapore publication on Rubiaceae, the accepted name was indicated as Hedyotis diffusa. There were some pictures of this plant in page 120 of this publication that resembled the pictures above.

According to a 2021 publication [1], when the name Hedyotis diffusa was first published in 1798, the author was not clear in his description of the flower arrangement (i.e. whether he was referring to "a solitary flower or an inflorescence"). As a result, there were different interpretations along the years and the name was moved around among different plants which is rather confusing even up till this point. The assignment of this plant to the genus Scleromitrion seemed to take place in 2013 [2]. This 2013 system was adopted in a 2017 Taiwan publication as well [3].

image A search done in the PubMed website on 5 November 2022 resulted in 3 publications that mentioned Scleromitrion diffusum; one each in 2020, 2021 and 2022. On the other hand, Hedyotis diffusa and Oldenlandia diffusa were mentioned in 184 and 79 publications respectively with their first mentioned in a publication were in 1979 and 1964 respectively (see image on the right). It appeared that the uptake of the accepted name Scleromitrion diffusum was uncommon among researchers.

In the iNaturalist website viewed on 29 January 2023, there were 4 records of Scleromitrion diffusum from Singapore with the earliest one dated in February 2021. Both Oldenlandia diffusa and Hedyotis diffusa are treated as synonyms in this website.

In NPark's Flora & Fauna Web viewed on 29 January 2023, pictures of a slightly different-looking Hedyotis diffusa was displayed. It had flower stalks (pedicels) that were very short or almost non-existence. According to the Flora of China website, the flower stalk of Oldenlandia diffusa should have a length of 4-20 millimetres. It looked more like Scleromitrion brachypodum or maybe another species.


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