Strobilanthes auriculata var. dyeriana
[Persian Shield]
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In many websites, the botanical name of this plant was stated as Strobilanthes dyerianus. The status of this name was stated as "Deleted on August 22, 2023" in the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) website. A search with this name in the Plants of the World Online and The World Flora Online websites in December 2023 did not yield any result. Checking the synonyms in the Flora & Fauna Web by NParks eventually led me to the current accepted name, Strobilanthes auriculata var. dyeriana. I tried to find out how Strobilanthes dyerianus became a commonly used botanical name but was not successful.

This plant is mentioned to be native to Myanmar in various websites. In the most recent published Strobilanthes species checklist in Myanmar [1], the name Strobilanthes dyerianus is not found while the name Strobilanthes auriculata var. dyeriana was listed.


[1] Wood JRI, Aung MM, Wells T, Armstrong KE. Strobilanthes Blume (Acanthaceae) in Myanmar, a new species and an updated checklist. Kew Bulletin 2022;77:521-539. | Read article |

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