Nature Walk Series
Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
7 February 2011


It was the 5th day of the Lunar New Year and I happened to be off from work. It was always a rare occasion when I could walk around Bukit Timah Nature Reserve on a weekday, without the heavy human traffic especially along the narrow forest path. This was one of the rare field trips where I had managed to add 7 new plants in my website. Nowadays, I felt quite contended if I could spot up to 2 new plants.

photoThe shrub seen flowering profusely this time round was Ardisia sanguinolenta. Bundles of white flowers could be spotted at the tip of the branches of the plants located at several places, giving away the identity of the plant. This was the first time that I saw its flower although I had seen its fruits some years back.

photo photo One of the ginger plants (Globba leucantha) was also flowering. I even spotted a lone fruit on one of the plant.

photo photo
This large-leaf shrub-like plant was actually a woody climber (Poikilospermum suaveolens). It was more common than I had thought as I seemed to come across it quite often these days.

This particular one was seen at ground level, around the foot of a tree. It was a young plant that was attempting to climb up the tree. The thread-like structures from the main stem were holding the plant tightly to the tree trunk while it made the climb.

There were at least 3 unknown plants that were seen with either flowers or fruits [Update: From left to right ---- Polyalthia angustissima, Canthium confertum and Ixora finlaysoniana.]:
photo photo photo

Now, here were the minibeasts or small creatures. From left to right: (1) Malay Viscount (Tanaecia pelea pelea), (2) caterpillar of Grey Sailor (Neptis leucoporos cresina), (3) Grey Sailor (Neptis leucoporos cresina), (4) caterpillar of The Knight (Lebadea martha parkeri), and (5) a cricket (Tremellia timah) with a missing hind leg.

photophoto photophoto photo

Photo Gallery:

Below are selected photos from this trip arranged according to the sequence that they were taken. There is a text link under the photo that will direct you to more photos of the same species if they are available in my website.


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