Nature Walk Series
Bukit Timah Nature Reserve
3 May 2010


photoI started rather late today at about 9 am. The plan was to go up the hill via Dairy Farm Nature Park. I ended up taking the same number of photos along the Dairy Farm Nature Park trail versus those taken in the forest. The weather was great today. It only started to rain after I completed my round.

The highlight of this trip was the Wagler's Pit Viper (Tropidolaemus wagleri) found along a quiet track in the forest. After running through my consolidation of snake pictures that I had taken over the years, I discovered that I had seen this species of snake in October last year in this same forest. At that time, the snake was a distance away from the track. This time round, the snake was within my reach but I dare not get too close since I was alone in this quiet part of the wild.

photo photo
Female fig wasps were seen on some figs (Ficus fistulosa). They were responsible for the pollination of the fig flowers hidden within the fig. For an overview of this unique relationship between the wasp and the fig plant, you can refer to the information from the figweb.

Each type of fig plant has its specific type of fig wasp. For Ficus fistulosa, wasps were identified to be Ceratosolen constrictus and Ceratosolem constrictus hewitti. As to whether we consume wasps while enjoining our favourite figs, you can read this article and decide for yourself.

Three new plants were added to my website from this trip -- Arundo donax var. versicolor, Codiaeum variegatum cultivar and Syzygium zeylanicum (Candolle). They can be found in the Photo Gallery section.

photo photo photo
There was another new plant but I have yet to determine its identity. This shrub (pictures at right) had large leaves and groups of tiny orange flowers along some parts of the branches. [Update: Maschalocorymbus villosus]

Here were the pictures of the butterflies and caterpillars taken during the walk. Of course, there were many more butterflies around but I only managed to get the pictures of the two. The first one should be Chocolate Pansy (Junonia hedonia ida) while the next one should be Branded Imperial (Eooxylides tharis distanti). As for the 2 caterpillars, I had no clue on their identities. [Update: The first caterpillar should belong to The Knight (Lebadea martha parkeri) butterfly.]
photophoto photophoto

Here were the pictures of some small insects seen along the way. From left to right: Ricaniid planthopper (Ricanula stigmatica), Metallic moth (Saptha beryllitis), Golden Polyrhachis Ant (Polyrhachis illaudata), Robber fly (Family: Asilidae) and Signal fly (Platystoma lugubre).
photophoto photophoto photo

Photo Gallery:

Below are selected photos from this trip arranged according to the sequence that they were taken. There is a text link under the photo that will direct you to more photos of the same species if they are available in my website.

Shelter along the trail
Dioscorea sp.
Hives of stingless bees
Cicada cast


First shot: 8:55 am
Last shot: 11:45 am
Total number of shots: 338

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